Reinventing the Wheel with Vinyl Decals

Using Proper signate is too important to ignore. Here is why.

Doris Farciert

7/6/20172 min leer

As a business owner with a brick and mortar store front, it is very important to consider how to use signage for your business image and brand. In order to reap the most benefits, sometimes a business owner must think outside of the regular storefront signs that hang on top of the front door. A brick and mortar business without proper signage could be losing out on potential customers. Vinyl signs are a good way to get the most bang for your buck. Vinyl signs are affordable and the possibilities of the designs are endless. Here are 5 ways to get started using vinyl signs in order to get your business off the ground.

  1. Place a magnetic or permanent sign on your vehicle.

Using your vehicle as a billboard not only makes perfect sense, but it is super cheap. Think about it, how many times have you been stuck in a traffic light behind someone and noticed that they have a business sign? Many many times I'm sure. Even if everyone that sees your sign on the road or at the grocery store does not call, it definitely helps promote your brand through the concept of brand recognition. If you have a good sign, whnever they see your business name again, they will recognize you and will be more inclined to give you business in the future.

  1. Place signs inside of your store depicting your brand.

Again, placing signs on your store front windows will help entice people who are passing by to enter your store. How will people know what you sell if they are quickly passing by and miss your main storefront sign? Sometimes a well designed window decal can be more attention grabbing than the channel letters placed on top of your doorway.

  1. Place signs outside of your store windows.

Once you create a logo for your company, you need to plaster your store with the theme or image so that your customers will always remember you. Displaying your brand inside of your business is just as important as displaying it outside of your brick and mortar storefront. There is a reason why all of the big box stores have their logos plastered all over the inside of their stores and their merchandise.

  1. Place signs on employee uniforms.

This is a no-brainer. You want your employees to match your brand and your image. Placing your signs on employee shirts, badges and hats is a must whether you sell merchandise or services. Just remember to make sure employees look clean and well put together when they wear your brand. After all, the minute they put on that t-shirts or that badge, they are representatives of your business your brand, and your reputation.

  1. Place signs on your business trade promotional items.

How many times have you ever searched for a pen and found that the only one available is the one from that insurance company or that electric company after you signed up with them? How many times have you searched around in the storage console of your car, or for ladies, the bottom of your purse, looking for a pen and found only pens belonging to businesses that you have interacted with? This has probably happened to you more than once. What happens when you find that pen and look at the business name on it? You remember the the business and you start using the pen more often. It serves as a memory jogger of your brand and your business for a loyal customer or a potential customer. Putting signage on pens or other items that customers use at your store will ensure that they always remember the services they are obtaining from you at every step of the business sale or transaction.

Remember that no idea is too creative for using vinyl signs. Some of the best Guerrilla marketing techniques have stemmed from ideas that seemed far fetched at first but later turned into some of the best marketing campaigns ever.